Kheerganga trek Parvati valley Himachal Pradesh

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Kheerganga trek Parvati valley Himachal Pradesh

Kheerganga lies in this extreme end of Parvati valley and this last inhabited during the trekking to trap valley through Pin Parvati pass. For Kheerganga, you have to go by motorable road to a place named Barshaini and out there to Kheerganga on foot. The trek to this top of this hill, after the rugged terrains. KheerGanga is among the most refreshing treks that you could go on anywhere. We recommend you to employ a guide for the trek. Since the trek may be little more experiences for many travelers. Tosh Village is an unexplored and totally offbeat place.

Located on a hilltop, its amazing village to Chill out. The quiet and peaceful village around the hills is a wonderful experience to have. A village which may lack big shopping complexes, but certainly not missing the sense of warmness. The number of food makes the remain awesome, Israeli cuisines, Pizzas, and tasty desserts are must try things out here. The Hilltop cafe on this very best offers all these delicacies along with a lot more to look out for. There is nothing like a calm stroll down Frothing Parvati River on one side and muddy pine trees on another.

The white sand and smooth boulders different the lush green grass out the tumbling green-blue waters of the river. Every bend in the lake opens up to a thrilling vista of walnut trees, cliffs, and waterfalls. All this is framed with snow-capped peaks body piercing this clear blue sky at this horizon. A great site to take those photos you could show off on one’s wall. For a supremely pleasant leisure mid-day stretch out on one of the polished boulders beside the river with your legs in the cold water. The sight of this roaring river, tall walnut trees, and the rural family along this trek is a treat to this visitors.

As opposed to other destinations for tourist, this place is less marketed and close to nature. The old tradition charm attracts explorers and backpackers out far and wide. The local mouth-watering cuisine like falafel, hummus, pita bread, are several things which one can’t miss on. Camping out, partying, trekking is no and this activity which Chalal offer to its visitors.

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