Important Tips for Solo Backpacking

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Important Tips for Solo Backpacking


I understand wanting some space and finding time for yourself is really important. This is a time of reflection and a time to do things freely. There are various things that you can do to enjoy yourself and the most stress relieving activity can be going solo backpacking. Although I am not in favor of going wilderness backpacking alone if you are really experienced and you know what you are doing, why not? The tranquility of nature when it is in the wilds is just priceless and not many have the skill to be a backpacker. But remember, it takes more than your lightweight bottles to make backpacking possible. If you are flying solo, then you should know what you are up to.

If you want to be one with nature without getting disturbed and to discover wilderness beyond its notorious reputation, you can do it alone. Though it is a fact that being in the wilderness can be a real danger, there are things that you need to do before you leave home. I know you will hear me saying that you need to pack the right lightweight Coleman bottle with you but there is more to that. After careful planning of what to bring and where to go, make sure to tell somebody where you are going. If in any case that something happens, they will know where to find you.

Before you leave home, bring your mobile phone. There are lots of incidences about campers who were endangered but were saved just because of a mobile phone. Do not think of it as a distraction. Think of it as if it was part of your lightweight gallon and it is a necessity just like a first aid kit. So in case that you are hurt or injured and there will be no one to help you, at least you have a back up: to call for emergency help.

Tips for Solo Backpacking

There are so many items that you need to consider bringing. But you have to pack just right for you. Since you will be alone and no one will be able to share the load of carrying camping equipment for you, then you have to think of the appropriate lightweight aluminum bottle to make eating, grooming, drinking and sleeping possible for one. Do not carry a lot of heavy items with you as you will end up dragging them on your own when you get too tired. Be smart in packing your stuff and never forget to pack basic items for backpacking.

There was one author of an article that said, there are lots of basic lightweight bottle that you can carry but the number one item on the list should be common sense. It is like the general rule of basic water safety rules: do not swim in unknown waters, or never be on a battlefield without your guns and ammunition. Never try something when you are not sure of what you are doing. If you have a trail, stick to your trail that you are comfortable with. Being alone is not the right time for you to do the extremes. Before you engage in this activity, get to know it as well as the pros and cons. This way you will be happy and fulfilled after the adventure not sad and broken.

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