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Are you ready for a new camping tent? If you are tired of struggling to erect a tent, you will probably love the newest Coleman Camping Tents, their Instant Tents. These are Coleman’s cleverest tent design. They have three models, the Instant Tent 8 – 14′ x 10′, which has the added benefit of being able to be divided into two sections; the 4-Person Instant Tent 4; and the Instant Tent 6. Thanks to the vertical tent sidewalls, you can stand up in these tents, though the tallest point, which is the center height, varies with the model:

• Instant Tent 4: 59” (4’11”) Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent
• Instant Tent 6: 71” (5’11”) Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent
• Instant Tent 8 – 14′ x 10′: 6’5” center height Coleman Instant 14- by 10- Foot 8- Person Two Room Tent

Customer reviews on both the Coleman site and Amazon rate all three models highly. When I tallied up 167 customer ratings, the average came out 4.25. One customer score of 1 I personally would ignore because it was like spam, nothing specific to justify his score. Coleman responded properly by giving him a phone number to call because it’s such a new product, he should still be under warranty.

Coleman Camping Tents

This is the cleverest design in a tent product I’ve seen in years because the Instant Tents can each be erected in under a minute. They can be taken down with similar speed.

Most customer reviews, which mention weather, indicating that the exclusive WeatherTec™ System common to most Coleman Camping Tents works as advertised. Of the complaints though, some people have had some minor problems with leaks, usually corrected with seam sealer Coleman’s online support sent to correct their problem.

The other complaint has to do with the lack of a rain fly, which technically isn’t needed to prevent the rain from getting in. However, you might want one or a tarp so that you can keep the windows open on a hot day for air circulation during a rainstorm. It’s also good to keep the dew off the top of your tent on humid days in the summer.

Cleverest Design: The Instant Tents

Other customers had some good suggestions, such as telling you to take a tarp for under the tent so that the bottom doesn’t get as dirty. This will make it easier to brush off the bottom of your tent before putting it away. Another suggestion is to get heavier duty stakes, especially if you might be out in very high winds. While the tent does handle high winds and heavy rain well, a few customers report that the stakes that come with the tents can come out in really strong winds. And, unless you really like being cozy with your tent mates, you might want to plan for one or two people fewer than the tent technically can hold, e.g. most campers will find the Instant Tent 8 more comfortable with only six people.

One last suggestion to make your Coleman Camping Tent experience more enjoyable, whether you are using the Instant Tent or a Sundome or any other model Coleman Camping Tent, make sure you pitch your tent on ground higher than that around it. Even though Coleman’s design makes the bottom of the tent waterproof, there’s no sense in finding yourself stepping out into a pond after a heavy rain.

Overall, customers report being really enthusiastic about this newest edition to Coleman Camping Tents. Happy camping!

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