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Coleman Camping Lanterns

Coleman Camping Tents provide the ideal solution to getting away for the 4th of July holiday weekend. While your Coleman Camping Tent is the hub of your camping experience, most of us when camping wants to socialize or do other things after it gets dark so that means we need light. Coleman is the ideal resource to add light to your night with its wide range of lanterns.

The cleverest design, and possibly the best if your budget will handle it, is the Coleman LED Quad Lantern, which received the Golden Stake award for being the Camping Life 2009 Editors’ Choice. This fascinating lantern can add immeasurably to your Coleman Camping Tent experience because it cleverly includes four separate panels, each a rechargeable lamp with six LEDs, in one base unit. This means you can give different members of your camping party a unit to carry off on separate errands. When they come back, by replacing them with the base unit, they’ll recharge. You power your Coleman LED Quad Lantern with 8D batteries, not included. That will give you roughly 75 hours of 190 lumens lighting with a range of out to 26 feet.

Add Light to Your Coleman Camping Tent Outings

While no light is perfect, LED lanterns to have some advantages for using with your Coleman Camping Tents. The initial cost is higher for LED lights but that can be recovered due to their long life expectancy and relatively low energy consumption. Moreover, for camping, LED lamps to have no glass tubes to break. Their construction also makes resistant to vibration and impact. If you do much camping during the summer, you will probably find their energy efficiency more enjoyable because it means cooler lighting.

While good strong flashlights will get you around at the campsite, I know from experience that they do a poor job of lighting your tent or camping area. So to add light to your Coleman Camping Tent outing, remember to bring a good lantern. I suggest you consider Coleman Camping Lanterns as they have over 100 years of experience bringing bright lighting to campers. In particular, check out the LED lanterns like the Coleman 4D Personal-Size Rugged LED Lantern, Coleman 4D XPS Rugged Personal Size LED Lantern, and Coleman LED Quad Lantern. Hope you find this article helps you to a better camping experience.

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